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ITECNZ provides evidence based software helping students of all ages acquire and improve essential reading and thinking skills.

Welcome to Lexia Reading, the breakthrough in reading education that provides a research proven method for students to acquire foundational reading skills.

Welcome to Assessment Without Testing: the world’s only norm-referenced, embedded assessment providing a prediction of student outcomes and prescriptions of intensity of instruction all without interrupting the flow of instruction to administer a test.

Welcome to the Lexia Classroom where a system of differentiated practice, embedded assessment and targeted instruction ensures that teachers spend more time teaching, students spend more time learning, and where all students’ reading skills are improved.

Proven reading instruction plus real-time assessment of students' progress, ages 4 to adult.

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Lexia Reading for the iPad

The first comprehensive data driven reading app for the iPad. Download Lexia Reading UK from the itunes store.

Lexia and RTI

Lexia Reading accelerates reading acquisition, prevents reading failure, and supports on-level and advanced readers.

Lexia Proven Effective

Lexia’s peer-reviewed research proves that Lexia effectively increases reading proficiency and closes the reading gap.


Cognitive intervention software designed to improve visual-spatial and logical-reasoning abilities in students age 7 to adult.


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